About the Practitioner

Kimberly M. Royce, LPN, LMT
Rocky Mountain School of Massage, Billings, MT

It's not just about a sore back, or a sore neck.  Every muscle is connected from our heads to our toes.  It's about the whole person not just one area.

Why I do what I do?  I believe there is power and healing in touch.  There are so many more reasons to get a massage than to not.  I love caring for and serving people.  

Triquetra Massage began in Novemeber 2005 in the basement of my home in Billings, MT.  I have always enjoyed giving massages and frequently gave back rubs to my friends while we watched movies on Sunday nights.  I had never thought about becoming a massage therapist until several years later.  After a knee injury while skiing, my massage therapist gave me a massage just a couple of days before surgery.  I felt like she was injecting hot rushing water into my knee.  My knee was warm to the touch.  The day of my surgery, my knee was still warm but NO signs of infection.  Surgery came and went and then on to physical therapy.  I was out of physical therapy a month before others who had had the same surgery around the same time and I contribute this to the massage prior to my surgery.  This healing of my body was a direct result from increased circulation to my knee.

I have been a LPN for 20+ years with licensure in Montana and Alaska.  I have been a massage therapist for the last 10 years and got my license in Montana five (5) years ago when licensure became required.  I moved to Homer, AK in June 2014 with my family to live our dream.  I enjoy the outdoors (fishing, hiking, camping), scrapbooking and traveling.


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